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Clear Communication with Every Patient Family

Clera Healthcare is excited to launch a brand new platform allowing healthcare teams to communicate with patient families.

Our mission is to ensure every family receives the communication and compassion they deserve, while reducing the pressure on ever-busier healthcare teams. 

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Contact Us if you're interested in trialling Clera!

Our Story

We're Alice and Jon, co-founders of Clera Healthcare. We're both doctors in the NHS and have teamed up to fix a shared frustration - families are not being kept updated about their loved ones' care while they are in hospital. Doctors and nurses work tirelessly for their patients, yet dissatisfaction and frustration from families is everywhere. With an ever-increasing workload on the wards, we realised there must be a quicker way to keep families updated. 
A year later, our solution is ready!


Data security is our priority

As doctors, we're aware of the legal challenges hospitals have faced by using WhatsApp to communicate patient information. Channels with a lack of health specific security puts information at risk. We know how important it is that patients and families know their data is safe; we have partnered with a security specialist to ensure security and compliance.

Meet the Team




ASquared has been an integral partner in our journey. From hosting the Impact Accelerator that lead to our first investment, and now acting as our fractional CTO and CDO, we couldn't be more grateful for ASquared's ongoing support.



Ghyston is a Bristol based software development company that we are working closely with to further develop our product. Their experience and passion for creating great products has been imeasurably valuable.


SETSquared Bristol

We are part of the FWD program run by SETsquared, which is a health technology specific incubator and support network, helping us to grow our business and develop our business management skills.


Health Innovation Network

The Kent Surrey Sussex HIN (previously AHSN) are providing us with ongoing invaluable support in NHS innovation. They are actively helping us to find partners and NHS trust pilot sites.


Hobbs Rehabilitation

We are currently piloting Clera with Hobbs Rehabilitation (in partnership with the MINT academy), within three neurorehabilitation inpatient units.



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