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Any questions about Clera Healthcare?

1) How can my facility start using Clera? If you think Clera would add value to your healthcare facility, we'd love to hear from you - just send us a message through our website and we'd love to chat. Or approach your digital transformation team and ask if they've considered Clera!

2) Where is data hosted? Clera is hosted by Cloud-computing provider, Microsoft Azure. Azure hosts many NHS systems, and data is encrypted at rest and in transit, giving customers peace of mind that their data is stored securely.

3) What if I have a great idea to improve Clera? We'd LOVE to hear from you! Clera is constantly evolving, and our goal is to always be lead by feedback from users. If you have a new idea or feedback as a patient, relative or clinician, please contact us through our website.

4) Is there a way Clera can integrate with the Electronic Patient Record? Currently, Clera is a standalone application, meaning no integration and no data sharing. Lists are currently added manually. However, this is only stage one! We hope to develop a solution that can sit ontop of EPRs and read patient lists, which will make Clera even more user friendly and time saving! Its in the pipeline, so watch this space...!

5) How do families sign up? To start using Clera, the hospital needs to sign up. Once they've done this, families will be added to the system and recieve an automatic text to check they are happy to be contacted through Clera. Families don't need to download any application, the service all takes place through text message. Families can opt out at any time by replying STOP to any of the messages.

6) Is there a limit to the number of family members i can message? The beauty of Clera is that you can choose to include as many family members as you like. If a patient has two children, you can elect to send updates to both! Importantly, you can also choose to include the patient in your list of contacts, so they can see what's being said to their relatives. No longer will you have to spend hours calling each relative in turn - now you can update them all instantly.

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